Mission Statement


The Lil’ Goodie Shoppe Mission Statement

1. We chose to manage according to God’s principles.

2. We want our work to be an adventure. Done in a spirit of cooperation and fun. In doing this, our goal is to build relationships within our staff, our customers, and our vendors.

3. We want to achieve top quality in food and service through employee training, attitude, pride and morals. We want to provide an atmosphere where our employees can learn and grow through our family values.

4. Our goal is to welcome every customer like a long lost friend and to provide a unifying experience for families through fun, entertainment and excellent food.

5. We want to be actively involved with the children in our community and to be a positive influence in their lives.

Family Values

Our goals are:

1. To always speak positively and encourage each other through mutual respect.

2. To be prompt, appropriately dressed, and practice good personal hygiene.

3. To be honest, loyal, practical, and friendly.

4. To always work safely watching out for others as well as ourselves.

5. To always work as a team serving each other and helping wherever needed.

6. To approach change with excitement and a teachable spirit knowing that we are constantly improving everything that we do.